Ampelos Resort Apartments in Naxos, Plaka Beach


Welcome to Ampelos resort hotel in Plaka beach! Ampelos resort hotel offers unique accommodation to its guests. Ampelos resort hotel is a luxury hotel, set on a quiet point of Plaka beach at Naxos island.

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To us, Ampelos represents the uniqueness. The architecture of the hotel and the personal thought is visible anywhere around the hotel. It is made out of intense feelings, smiles and tears, luxury, faith, dreams, mornings awakenings and sunrises that are visible everywhere. Ampelos Resort hotel in Naxos is made also, from special moments, small and big, ours and yours. It has been definitely created with love, lots of love…


Ampelos resort hotel was created with great care, combining the elegance of the Venetian architectural style with discrete luxury. The aim is to provide a very comfortable accommodation and hospitality experience to our guests. Ampelos resort is here to make you feel at home.


Just a few meters from the magnificent beach of Plaka and close to other beaches of Naxos, such as Mikri Vigla and Orkos, Ampelos resort hotel is here to offer its high facilities to travellers who seek tranquil and relax place for their vacation at Naxos.

Plaka beach in Naxos

Plaka beach is famous for the soft and nearly white color sand and its crystal water. Plaka is a long sandy beach in the western side of Naxos.